Monday, November 21, 2016

Deer Season

Last weekend I went deer hunting.My grandparents picked my brother and I on Thursday because there was a blizzard on Friday. On Friday I helped get my grandparents' Christmas decorations out because deer season started on Saturday. Later that day we everyone showed up to go hunting. Saturday morning my dad and I left to the stand

20 minutes into the hunt, I shot my first buck. The sun just past the horizon when we went to pick up the deer. I was the only one that shot a deer that day, but later my brother and my cousin both got some nice bucks.

Later on I will still remember the time I shot a deer less than 30 minutes in a deer hunt.

Monday, September 26, 2016

This week

This week is a great week. Here is a top 5 list of reasons this week is great-

1.) Homecoming
This week is homecoming, which is the week with the most school cheer. Each day we get to wear costumes according to what the student consul decided. Tonight is the night where all the high school kids do skits in front of the town.

2.) 3-0 baby!
Yesterday the Vikings won there game against the Panthers because of their awesome defense. Our middle school football team is also 3-0 because of our defense and we have another game tomorrow.

3.) Birthday
Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 13.

4.) X-Country
I don know why I´m putting this in a list of good things because it is bad but this week is my last week in x-country. This year I have joined football and x-country. Halfway through both seasons the meets and games are at the same time so I have to choose which one. I chose football so that means that this is my last week.

5.) Hunting
Last weekend was duck opener but I had to miss it because my brother had a concussion. This weekend I am going hunting with my brother and dad.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


     Welcome to my blog. I personally have never cared for blogs at all in my life, but in reading class I have to create a blog, so here I go.
     My name is Jack Sandvig and I live in South Dakota. I play football, baseball, basketball, x-country, and track and field. My favorite subjects are math, reading, and history. I believe that after summer, the only things that should come would be football and hunting season, not school. That should come in the winter. I don't say this because I hate school, I just what a little more freedom than 3 months.
    My favorite NFL team is the Vikings and I am resonantly bummed out the Teddy Bridgewater is injured for the season. In band at school I play the drums, which is the main reason I am always tapping a pen or pencil or my foot. In conclusion, I am new at blogging and I'm hoping you will enjoy my blog.